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What is this and how does it work?

Hi, My Name is Corrado Izzo and I am the CEO of


In this brief guide, I am going to teach you the 4 steps process that you need to follow to build the bones of your Course using WPEP the E-Learning Platform for WordPress.


We named it “Blink of an Eye Course Builder” because you can literally build out the basic structure of your Course in just a few seconds and best of all you can Create your Course and do it all by staying on the same 1 Page.


No! You don’t need to go thru a gazillion Submenus and Subpages, interlink stuff on your Wordpress or go thru lengthy tutorials and you don’t need to learn a completely new way of doing things.


You know how to Create a Post in Wordpress? Yes?


Then you’re already a WPEP Master.


WE made Building Courses and creating E-Learning Portals with WPEP Free of Pain and Full of Fun.


Check how easy it is below!


Build the bones of your Course in 4 Steps

1: Enter Course Title , Description and Index Page Description.



2: Upload Icon and Course Cover.



3: Click on Manage Course and Add Sections and Lessons.



4.: Setup your Course General Options

Now Go Create Massive Value