Drag & Drop Certifications Add-on

This Free Premium Addon enables you to Certify your Students on your WPEP driven ELearning Platform. Award your Students with a Certificate of Completion for their completed Courses.

Award a Certificate for each Course your Students complete on your Teaching Site. Certificates can be downloaded, printed, framed and shared.

This addon includes an outstanding Certificate Building & Design Experience.

Simply Upload and Personalise your “fill in the blank” Certificate using the WPEP Certification Builder.

Learn How to Create an Online Certificate and Diploma Program on your WPEP Powered ELearning Platform.


  • Drag & Drop Visual Certificate Personalization.
  • Certificate Delivery Customization.
  • Dynamic Content Fields available to you:

1.: Full Name – Display your Student’s Full Name.
2.: First Name – Display your Student’s First Name.
3.: Last Name – Display your Student’s Last Name.
4.: Issue Date – Display the date of when the Certificate was issued.
5.: Course Name – Display the name of the Course.
6.: Course Started Date – Display the date on which your Student first started the Course.
7.: Course Completed Date – Display the date on which your Student Completed the Course.
8.: Assessment Grading – Shows your Student’s Assessment Grading.
9.: Custom Text – Shows a Custom Text on your certificate.

This information is pulled from your Student’s first initial Signup and is mostly information that he provided directly to you

All you do is upload your “fill in the blank” Certificate and drag and drop these Dynamic Content Fields onto your template to personalise your Certificate.

Increase Student Retention

Being awarded a Certificate is a rewarding experience. If your Students complete a Course and receive a Certificate of Completion they will more likely continue studying the next Course you’re offering and the next and the next.

The desire to relive a rewarding experience is a huge motivator for us human beings and it is an essential part of a well-designed learning journey.

Students will also share their accomplishments, rewards and certificates in their social circle and beyond which in an indirect and powerful way will raise awareness for your ELearning Platform and Brand.

This AddOn has been retired, and the functionality is now part of WPEP