The Web’s Best WordPress Plugin For Creating Your E-Learning Platform.

Blink of an Eye Coursebuilder

Manage the entire Course Creation Process from one single Page.

Membership Site Setup

Combine WPEP with any Premium Membership Plugin for WordPress to create your Membership Site. You can also use the WPEP Sales Engine Addon and get up and running in less than 5 minutes.

Switch Designs with a Single Mouseclick.

WPEP features a 1 Click Course & Content Layout Activation which enables you to effortlessly change the way your Members Area, your Courses and your Content is displayed and presented to your Audience.

Content Library Index Page

Generate Unlimited Members Areas and Online Course Portals on the fly, by using our Index Page shortcode, which enables you to customize your membership area to your liking in just a few steps.

Course Layouts

WPEP enables you to create the following Course Types, and switch with between them with one click.

  1. Execution Plan
  2. Execution Plan Unfolded
  3. Standard Course
  4. Video Course
  5. One-Off Course
  6. Learn Map

Content Types

WPEP enables you to create a library of :

  1. Courses
  2. Videos
  3. E-books
  4. Offers
  5. Assessments

Drip Feed & Content Delivery Timing

Fully Control the delivery of your Content by Drip Feeding and/or Restricting Access to it.

Certify Your Students

Easily Create an Online Certificate and Diploma Program on your WPEP Powered Elearning Platform.

Advanced User Reporting & Statistics

Easily track User Progress and Assessment ie. Quizz Results, export statistical Data in .CSV, Google Sheets, Microsoft Excel and Mac Numbers, but not only that…

Infusionsoft Integration

Build Powerful, Automated Infusionsoft Membership Sites using Memberium + WPEP.

Active Campaign

Seemlessly integrate WPEP with Active Campaign a very powerful and easy to use and setup Marketing Automation Service.

Integrating WPEP with Active Campaign makes it possible for you to create an Interactive and Integrated Learning Experience for your Students.


Integrate WPEP with Badge OS a powerful Free Plugin that lets you easily create achievements and issue shareable badges as your users succeed thru your Courses.


WPEP Course Prerequisites enable you to determine in which order you want your Student to go thru your Courses. You can set Course, Lesson and Assessment Based Prerequisites.

Upsell your Content

It has never been so easy to upsell your content within your Membership Site. Set a Membership Upgrade and/or Upsell URL on the Content Level for each single Course, Execution Plan, Ebook or Video Content. WPEP offers a series of Deep Integration Addons which make setting this up easy like a walk in the park.

You currently can Upsell your Content using s2 Member, Wishlist Member and Memberium.

Create Online Courses at Mouse Click Speed

Manage and Deliver them to your Audience directly from your WordPress Powered Website.

Learning Paths

Personalize the Learning Experience for each one of your Students and avoid teaching them things they already know.

User Profiles

Create Both Private and Public User Profiles so users can track and share their Course Activity. Private Profiles can be accessed only by currently logged in students. Public Profiles can be accessed by anyone and each Student gets a personalized URL which he can share Online.

Member Magnet Execution Plans

WPEP’s Member Magnet Option enables you to create an Execution Plan and Grant New Members Access to it in exchange for an Email.

Categorize your Library

Organize content formats like courses, videos, e-books and offer tabs.

Course List Sidebar Widget

Use the WPEP Widget to display a list of courses within any Sidebar on your WordPress Site.

WordPress Multi Site

Combine WPEP with the tremendous power of Multisite and centrally manage your Network of E-Learning Sites.

Any Language

You can Easily Customize and Translate WPEP into any language directly thru the Settings. No complicated Files or Plugins required.

RTL Support

Use WPEP with RTL Languages like Arabic,Persian and Hebrew. WPEP RTL works by including an extra CSS file, specially designed to add the required styles for RTL, this file can be fully customized within the theme files if needed.

Create Online Courses at Mouse Click Speed

Manage and Deliver them to your Audience directly from your WordPress Powered Website.

WPEP Implementation Support

Get Support from our Team of highly skilled Super Responsive Developers and WordPress Experts. Both Simple and Complex issues are handled in no time.

Brand & Customize “Color”

Customize your Frontend Colors in a snap with this point and click Color Picker.

Use Any WordPress Theme

WPEP works with any Premium and/or well coded WordPress Theme, no custom coding needed to get your E-Learning Platform running.

Choose the WPEP Theme that fits your WordPress Theme

Easily switch between Professionally designed WPEP Content Layouts with a Single Mouseclick.

E-Learning Platform Theme Choice

Make WPEP look perfect in your Premium WordPress by choosing from these Layout Options, making your content spark.

Practical Shortcodes

Create dynamic, engaging and beautiful content the easy way with our shortcodes.

Popular WordPress Plugin Integrations

WPEP allows you to quickly and easily integrate with some essential third party WP Plugins through our optional and Free Add-Ons.

Content Migrate

Easily Migrate your Content from one WPEP install to another and/or from one Website to another. Includes an automatic Data Vault feature that enables you to run automatic backups.

Weekly Digest Notifications

Automatically send personalized weekly Digest newsletters to your Students displaying a list of Courses completed that week and the Students’ current Progress.

Use Any Media

Insert Videos, Audio Images Text and any other digital file format.

Content to Ebook

Enable your Users to download a PDF Version of the Course and Content they are consuming.


You can now customize and change the URL Slug for WPEP Courses, Videos, Ebooks, Offers and Assessments. This means that you can use WPEP alongside other WordPress Plugins and eliminate Plugin Conflicts.

You can use this to translate /courses/ to /execution-plan/ /step-by-step or to simply translate the Permalink  into your native language.

WPEP Vault

Set and Forget WPEP Data Vault. Your Content = Value. WPEP comes with a built in automated Backup Solution which makes it impossible for you to loose anything.

Create Online Courses at Mouse Click Speed

Manage and Deliver them to your Audience directly from your WordPress Powered Website.

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