Klick-Tipp Integration

This Addon enables you to seemlessly integrate WPEP with Klick-Tipp a very powerful and easy to use and setup Marketing Automation Service.

Integrating WPEP with Klick-Tipp makes it possible for you to create an Interactive and Integrated Learning Experience for your Students.

Klick-Tipp enables you to Automate and Personalize your Course Members’ Learning Experience and the Teacher Student Interaction through Tag Management.

With this Addon + WPEP you can:

– Tag a Student when he completes a Lesson.

– Tag a Student when he completes a Section or Module.

– Tag a Student when he started a Course

– Tag a Student when he completes a Course.

You can easily set these tags while creating our Courses in WPEP.

This WPEP Addon will syncronize all tags you’ve created in your Klick-Tipp Account and offer you to optionally auto-complete them upon text entry.

If your an Advanced User and/or ELearning Platform Developer we’ve added a General Class that allows you to easily add more tags.

This Addon includes a Klick-Tipp WPEP Connection Safeguard and will track and alert you in case of connection errors.

*Requires WPEP Version