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WordPress Technical Support Specialist wanted (Full-time or part-time)

Grow Learn Teach builds WPEP (The eLearning Platform for WP). It enables anyone using it to set up an eLearning Platform on their WordPress. There are a few features that make WPEP unique and very powerful.

You can build anything eLearning with it no matter if you want to setup just one Course or a complete online school on your WordPress. It still stays simple in it’s use and even non tech users are able to work with and implement it in their Online Business.

We want all of our customers to succeed and the level of support we provide makes that possible. We are famous for our support as we answer many tickets seconds after they were created. We go above and beyond helping our customers succeed and do all we can to help them where we can.

The following combination of words should not exist in your vocabulary: It cannot be done or I don’t know. When you’ll join our team you will help us keep our reputation at a very high level as we want our support to stay extraordinary.

We expect that you treat each one of our Customers with the utmost respect, even when you feel that they do not deserve it (especially then!). The best that can happen to us is to have a customer that gives us a bad time and points us in the direction of things not working.

This gives us the chance to fix things and become better and better and ultimately unbeatable.

We expect that you always work for the customer even and especially if he is not following your instructions. Most probably it is due to the fact that he’s inexperienced and you need to try to find other ways to help him out and/or resolve the issue which he’s encountering.

We expect that you always stay friendly, forthcoming and stay objective at all times. Setting up an eLearning Platform and working with WordPress can be nervewracking especially for a novice. It is our Mission to help anyone using our Product succeed and ultimately excel by creating extraordinary results in his business and for his students.

Support is our best Product and you will be an important part of it.

When support is taken care of you need to contribute to our team by testing new features, fixing bugs, developing new features or add-ons, creating unit tests and improving our company in areas where you notice a need.

You can define your work schedule and work from home, in your pajamas but you need to be monitoring support in regular intervals (as much as possible) we have high profile clients that run their sites with WPEP and if they encounter issues their reputation is on the line (and not only) and so is ours.

It is absolutely mandatory that you’re familiar with Zendesk and you need basic experience with how WordPress Membership Sites are setup and do work.


Your Responsibilities

  • Answer technical support questions about WPEP.
  • Think analytically to come up with logical solutions.
  • Troubleshoot issues and create detailed bug reports (incl. Screenshots or Screencasts)
  • Continue learning and building on your programming languages in order to provide the best customer support in the tech industry and contribute to our plugins and addons.
  • Bring new ideas to the team in order to help our business continue to grow.
  • Use Zendesk Macros to answer support tickets quickly.
  • Create new Zendesk Macros to automate the work for all support staff agents
  • Be comfortable with ZenDesk to create your own Views to process tickets faster.
  • Use our own docs from docs.growlearnteach.com to answer tickets.
  • Create new docs that are missing after you’ve resolved support requests.
  • Login to Custom WordPress Websites to help customers and resolve issues.


  • Solid HTML and CSS knowledge. Demonstrate an understanding of code so we know you can continue to learn new languages.
  • Know how to use your browser developer tools to diagnose and debug a problem.
  • Great English writing skills. You’ll be writing and communicating with clients and other team members primarily in writing. Clear and effective communication is key.
  • Self-driven work ethic. You need to be a self-starter who loves taking initiative and seeing things through to completion. We have a small team so each member has a lot of responsibility and a lot of involvement in the direction our company takes.
  • Curiosity and the desire to learn. Creative ideas and involvement with our clients fuel the growth of our company. We also need team members who are able to efficiently find answers to their questions.
  • Heaps of patience.
  • A dependable work environment. Since you’ll be working from home, you’ll need a reasonably fast computer and a reliable high­speed internet connection.



Starts at $17/hr

  • Accepted file types: pdf, png, jpg, gif.
  • You may not have any experience with using WPEP, but we'd like to know how you would answer these quesions. Feel fee to search our help desk, documentation, or Google to find the answers. If you can't find the answers, you can still submit your application!
  • Something is wrong on my WP Site, How can i check for Plugin Conflicts?
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