WPEP Content Upsell Cycle

It has never been so easy to upsell your content within your Membership Site.

Set a Membership Upgrade and/or Upsell URL on the Content Level for each single Course, Execution Plan, Ebook or Video Content.

WPEP offers a series of Deep Integration Addons which make setting this up easy like a walk in the park.

You can get up and running In just a few minutes.

You currently can Upsell your Content using s2 Member, WishlistMember, Memberium, MemberPress, MemberMouse, Digital Access Pass (more integrations coming)

Learn More about the WPEP S2 Member Pro Addon

Learn More about the WPEP Wishlist Member Addon

Learn More about the WPEP Memberium Addon

Learn More about the MemberPress Addon

Learn More about the Member Mouse Addon

Learn More about the Digital Access Pass Addon

How to Setup the WPEP Upsell Cycle

1. Go to WordPress Dashboard WPEP >>  All Courses
(Choose the course you want to upsell)

2. Paste the Upsell URL link
(S2, Wishlist, Memberium)

3. Update your Course


This is how it looks like on the front-end

Available Course is NOT Greyed Out

Unavailable Course is Greyed Out

Note: You can Upsell any WPEP Content Type using this method. Learn More about WPEP Content Types Here