WPEP Learning Paths

There is a truth about learning that we all know about and this truth is that you cannot bore students into learning things they already know.

That’s why we at CodeisCode introduced learning Path Design into WPEP.

This enables you to create a more personal Learning Experience for your Students and teach them only what they need to learn.

Keeping students engaged and interested in learning is a problem that all teachers face especially in online learning environments.

One way to lose your students quickly is to require them to go through information they already know.

By offering a customized approach to your courses, you increase the potential for students to complete each course, as well as making it a more enjoyable experience.

As one of the options for Execution Plans WPEP enables you to create Learning Paths. This gives you the controls you need to create a customizable path for your students.

Instead of giving your students a one-size-fits all course, students will take a certain learning path based on what they already know.

By asking students a set of questions you are able to determine their level of knowledge and the learning path they will take is based on the answers to the questions.

You can add Learning Paths to new and existing courses, as long as they are Execution Plans.

The feature is located under the Manage Course tab as part of the settings for each section. You will need to establish a Learning Path for each section where you want to customize what the student sees.

Once you establish the Learning Paths, students can set up their courses to match their areas of interest as well. If they want to focus on a specific aspect, you can help them go into more depth.

This dynamic learning environment makes it easier for students to complete courses instead of getting bored and dropping it.

The more dynamic courses you offer, the higher completion rates will be because students will be energized to focus and finish each course.