Getting Started

Let me introduce you to WPEP - The E-Learning Platform for Wordpress.

Hi, My name is Corrado Izzo and i am the CEO of


In this brief guide i will introduce you to WPEP, the most powerful and most easy to use E-Learning Platform for Wordpress and guide you thru the Setup Process.


WPEP is designed to help you create high quality course and membership content at Mouseclickspeed.


WPEPis not a Membership Plugin, if you need to protect certain parts of your website and make them accessible to members and charge money for your Courses and Content you can either use the WPEP Sales Engine Addon check here  or use one of the many Membership Plugins for Wordpress out there like S2Member, Wishlist Member, Memberpress or any other WordPress Membership Plugin.


If you use Infusionsoft we recommend using Memberium.


WPEP is compatible with ALL Known Membership Plugins for Wordpress.


WPEP also offers Deep Integration Addons for Wordpress Membership Plugins.


Check them out here:


WPEP S2 Member Pro Addon
WPEP Wishlist Member Addon
WPEP Memberium Addon


WPEP enables you to present and structure your Courses and Content within a Members Area and it enables you to create the Members Area itself.


With WPEP you can create and sell courses, create a professional looking Members Page, Online Course Portals & Build Private Training Sites For your Employees that look awesome on any device.


In Essence WPEP enables you to create and setup an Online Education Platform and have it be Quick, Easy and Fast.


No Tech Guru needed.


We made the Setup Process Painless.


Let me show you how easy it is.


1.: Install WPEP on Wordpress

Go to your Wordpress Dashboard and Click Plugins >> Add New

Click Upload Plugin

Upload the WpEp zip file by clicking Choose File then locate the file on your computer and then Click Install Now.

once you successfully installed WPEP click Activate Plugin

You will now see the WPEP Logo on your WordPress dashboard.

Proceed now to Activate WPEP by inserting your license key.

Go to your WordPress Dashboard and Click WpEp >> Settings

Paste your WPEP License key here then Click Update

your good to Go.

2.: Setup your WPEP Index Page

Go to your WordPress Dashboard and Click Pages >> Add New

1.: Give your Index Page a Title
2.: To display the Index Page you can also paste the Index Page Display Shortcode here which is [ WPEP_index]

Note that you can either use the Shortcode to display your Index Page on any Wordpress Page or Select the Page from within the WPEP Settings.

3.: Click Publish

After you published your Page if you did not use the WPEP Index Display Shortcode let's now

setup your Index Page in the WpEp settings.


Go to your WordPress Dashboard and WPEP >> Settings

Click Index Page

Select your Index Page from the Dropdown Menu and then click Save Changes

3.: Create your first Course

Go to your Wordpress Dashboard and Click WPEP >> New Course

Type your Course or EP Title & Course or EP Description

1.: Type the Course Title
2.: Type the Course Descriptions
3.: Type the Course Expert

To Manage your Course

4.: Click Manage Course

Now Add Sections and Lessons

after you finish adding Sections and lessons for your course, assign a Course Category

then set your Course Thumbnail and Icon by uploading it.

Now Set General Options for your Course

Hit're done!!!

Now Go Create Massive Value