WPFomify Integration

This Addon lets you integrate WPEP with WPFomify. A super-effective plugin for WordPress that enables you to use the Social Proof Lever to boost Conversions, raise credibility and generate more Sales.

It achieves that by adding notifications at the bottom of the screen on the frontend of your site displaying real-time learner activity for the whole world to see.

This Real Time Learner Activity increases not only conversions but will also raise the credibility of your website, just like a queue outside a restaurant.

This Integration Addon + WPFomify will enable you to display the following learner activities: Course purchased, started, enrolled, completed, lesson completed, assessment started, completed, failed, pending review.

With this Addon + WPEP you can:

  • Course purchased.
  • Course started.
  • Course enrolled.
  • Course completed.
  • Lesson completed.
  • Assessment started.
  • Assessment completed.
  • Assessment failed.
  • Assessment pending review.

The WPEP WPFomify Integration Addon and the WPFomify Plugin allow you to easily turn each one of these activities on or off.

*Requires WPEP Version 1.10.