WPForms Integration

This Add-on enables you to seamlessly integrate WPEP with WPForms a very popular custom form development plugin for WordPress.

Integrating WPEP with WP Forms enables you to use this powerful yet very easy to use plugin to Sell or Grant Free Access to your WPEP Courses, Ebooks, Videos and Offers after users filled out a WPForm.

Simply associate your WPEP Content to a WPForm and you’re good to go. Learn How to Set it up


  • Easily Map your WP Custom Forms with your WPEP Content Types and Start Selling or leverage the many  WPForms 3rd party Services integrations.
  • Associate one or more WPEP Courses, Ebooks, Videos or Offers to your WPForm(s).
  • Set a Custom On-Boarding Page URL for your WPEP Course, Ebook, Video or Offer.
  • Set a default On-Boarding Page URL on your WordPress ELearning Platform.
  • Automatically create New Members Accounts when users submit a form using the WPForms User Registration Addon.
  • Only Users that filled out a form or have an Account and are logged in are able to access Content everyone else will be automatically redirected to the On-Boarding Page containing your Custom Form.
  • Accept One-Off Payments or Recurring Subscriptions.
  • Automatically removes access for Users that do not have an “active” submission status, cancel or refund their subscription.
  • Create Advanced Assignments, tests or quizzes using WPForms and easily associate your WPEP Content to your Form.